As-Built Facade of Towers Apartments in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Our as-built documentation of the Towers Apartments in the Las Olas district of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Built in 1925, the renovating architect will be repartitioning the units according to existing window locations.

These stills are transparent wireframes from our final deliverable: one as-built Revit file. They are based on our laser scan data gathered on-site along with data from an existing topographical survey.

Our scope included full exterior and interior common areas with MEP. No individual residential units were scanned. For more examples of our as-built documentation work, visit

Entire 3-story structure with topographical survey data.
Top-down roof view of Towers Apartments.

Interior staircase exposed due to the unscanned interior units.

Exterior MEP on north facade of structure.

Column and soffit details with exterior elevator shaft.

PBX telephone system in the lobby.

If you strolled along Miami Beach's Lincoln Road in 1929, you'd stumble upon the Cadillac Salon. This was a luxury automobile dealership launched right at the beginning of the Great Depression. They were super exclusive and wanted you to feel that way when you walked into their showroom on the southeast corner of Lincoln Road and Pennsylvania Avenue.

The Miami Beach Cadillac Salon as featured in the Miami Herald on opening day, January 24, 1930.

By 1942, government agencies bought the building and the dealership was history. For the next five decades, the original façade's bas-relief and zigzag ornamentation were completely covered until renovators rediscovered them. While scanning a nearby project, our 360° lasers captured some details of the dealership's historic bas-relief sign showing airplanes, cars, the LaSalle and Fleetwood brands along with a giant logo.

An ad from the Miami News on April 8, 1932.

Since our Revit team had some downtime over the past few weeks, we decided to draft a quick as-built 3d model to show how easy it is to safeguard architectural heritage. The city of Miami Beach has a lot of this hidden art and it would be a shame to lose it.

The effort to accurately laser scan historic façades is far less than the cost of potentially losing them. Scanning not only allows you to capture accurate measurements, create shop drawings and elevations but you can also 3d print details in concrete, stone and many other materials.

Virtually visit the site at and you can read more about architect Carlos B. Schoeppl's design at

Some of our architect clients have a 2D workflow. But, they still benefit from 3D efficiency. For this historic Florida home, we used one set of 3D/360° laser scans to draft seven as-built 2D Autocad files

4 Elevations

2 Floor Plans

1 Roof Plan

Here's a short video showing all of the above:

See more of what we can do at Our laser scans enable us to reverse engineer blueprints, CAD files and 3d models from any built structure with up to ±3mm accuracy.

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