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Saving Trees With 3D Laser Scans

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

We literally helped save trees with 3D laser scanning.

Our real estate developer client wants to design a residence on a tight lot without disturbing these old oak trees. His existing survey shows where the trunks meet the ground but not the height, twists, curves and horizontal reach of the branches. Our scans gave him all of the above with millions of measurements.

First, to have a real estate developer care about trees is just a beautiful thought. Second, since we've never used our scanners for such a noble purpose, we were on a mission to help save trees.

Designing a home in 3D enables consideration for odd shapes of nature as well as the visual prediction of future growth, avoiding clashes years down the road.

Do you know of any oak trees threatened by development? Call us at 561.866.4407.


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