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Florida Homeowner Measures Interior

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

It was 9:38pm when we received an email from a homeowner in Davie, Florida, frustrated with his county tax records.

The Broward County Property Appraiser's office listed his home with 5,242 sqft but that was very different from the number he received with a measuring service he just hired to redo his floor plans. To make matters worse, his real estate agent was giving him a third calculation.

At 10:30am the following day we were on property with our 3D/360° scanner, capturing millions of measurements per second. Within 2.5 hours, we had scanned the entire structure and were back in the studio, crunching all of the data.

Two business days later, he downloaded a complete floor plan with the following pieces of information:

  • Interior dimensions for each room, area and structure

  • Exterior dimensions for each wall and room exterior

  • Color-coded area types, each with separate sqft calculations

  • Visually indicated wall thicknesses throughout the property

  • Standard window, doorway and appliance icons

We're not in the business of interpreting other people's work. But, it's possible the original homeowner had a different method of calculating "Living Area" and didn't follow ANSI standards. Another factor might be our discovery that this property had 10" exterior walls in some areas. This unusually thick wall might have been mistaken for the usual 6" (thereby reducing his wall area footage by 40%). Luckily our 3D scanners saw this along with other anomalies that affected our results.

If you're questioning your property's square footage and would like us to create a floor plan, please call us at 1.561.866.4407 to schedule.


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