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Addison Mizner Goes High-Tech

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

3d, scan, boca raton, fire station, architecture
Front elevation drafted from a modern 3d laser scan overlaid with a historic image of the structure.

Growing up in Southern California and traveling to many Spanish-speaking countries, architect Addison Mizner got a job working for draftsman Willis Polk, famous for his Spanish mission style of design.

When the young town of Boca Raton needed a fire station, Mizner built this structure in 1926 in his signature Mediterranean Revival style. When testing our new 3d/360° LiDAR scanner, we decided to do three quick scans of the facade. While not a complete point cloud, we are still able to get some measurements and bring a small piece of Mr. Mizner's legacy into 2018. We did a quick video to visualize the quick scans below.


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