Historic 1956 Miami Beach Motel As-Built 3D Scans

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Are you a MiMo fan? Take a quick tour through our laser scans of a post-war modern architectural specimen on Miami Beach. Designed by Melvin Grossman, the Carnival Motel opened in 1956. It was the kind of place you might book a few weeks, lounging with a cigarette and martini while listening to some new guy Elvis Presley (with 3 singles in the top 10 that year).

Later renamed the International Inn, the property has been kept mostly intact. Even the two lobby phone booths still have the original air blowers so you can keep smoking while you dial Senator McCarthy's hotline. The lobby's original terrazzo floors and forged handrail are still intact, as is the 25' wall of windows.

Our final deliverable was a 3d Revit model which allows the architect and other stakeholders to plan, redesign and approve with actual measurements. With historic properties, it's not unusual to have slopes in floors or other deviations that are undetected by conventional methods of measurement. The science in our laser scans help make the case for surgical fixes while maintaining historic integrity.

"The science in our laser scans help make the case for surgical fixes while maintaining historic integrity."

The last part of the video shows a quick solar visualization. With survey control points, we geolocated the structure and set the time to 6:55am on August 1st. By the end of the clip 12 hours later, we can see what the late afternoon light does through the sloping 25' wall of windows.

In the Miami Beach hospitality industry, sunshine is just as important as drinks and food. Luckily for this client, there has been very little adjacent multi-story development so the sunlight continues to fall unchanged for the past 64 years.

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