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Facility Mapping For Miami Factory

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

With all the excitement about 3D, sometimes we overlook the benefits of 2D. For instance, we received a call from a facility manager in Miami who needed to rearrange his 66,000-sqft manufacturing floor. Equipment, flow of materials, storage, shipping, management offices and maintenance all needed to be considered.

We used our 3D scanners to capture precision measurements of the floor space, walls, rooms, equipment, ceilings, lights and cranes. We then sliced the 3D model to reveal only the floor and drafted all of these items into Autocad DWG files so they could see what they had. We then did the same thing with the ceiling to show the structure, cranes, columns, lighting and other features.

Scanning took five hours and drafting took about four days. Can we help your facility with efficient space planning? Please visit or call 1.561.866.4407.


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